Temporary Roof Scaffolding Hire

Efficiently Installing Temporary Roof Scaffolding

Scaffolding is primarily used for renovation, extension and construction projects. A scaffold can be any temporary elevated or suspended work surface, supporting workers or builders to work at any height.

Roofs are installed at the end of any construction project. Meanwhile, engineers and workers are directly exposed to sunlight, wind and rainfall when working. Consequently, there can be many delays in the project and may even lead to the work getting damaged.

To deal with such issues, you need roof scaffolding hire services, which would be keyed to your construction needs and requirements.

Ox Scaffold: Best Scaffolding Hire

Ox Scaffold provides roof scaffolding structures to protect your project from dust, debris, and environmental damage. Our scaffolding services include temporary roof scaffolding installed in all forms and sizes and according to the risk factors associated with the project.  We provide temporary roof scaffolding cover that will protect your property from the weather and prevent unwelcome guests or visitors.

What is Temporary Roof Scaffolding?

Scaffolding or staging is a temporary structure commonly used during renovation, construction or maintenance. It is a stable workspace that helps workers to easily work in hard-to-reach places.

Temporary roof scaffolding structures are temporary erections built on top of scaffolding to keep it safe from the weather. It is commonly used for construction projects that do not require permanent roofs.

Temporary Roof Scaffolding Hire

What Can You Get from Temporary Roof Covers?

Whether you work at a construction site or are a contractor and want to protect your work, you need temporary roof scaffolding hire to keep your roof in its optimal condition and let the workers continue their work.

Here is How You Can Benefit from Temporary Roof Scaffolding Hire:

Safety from Bad Weather

During construction, the weather can be rainy and windy, which would require you to put temporary roof sheeting to protect your project from getting damaged from snow or rainfall.


At Ox Scaffold, we provide temporary roof scaffolding made from aluminium, meaning they are robust, sturdy and lightweight.

UV Protection

If you use materials like canvas or plastic for project protection, the former will fade away quickly due to its porous nature, and the latter will decompose after one season.

But fret not; our roof scaffolding hire does not have any of these issues. Our temporary roof provides excellent shelter for your construction site, which also helps in protecting your workers from sun exposure.

Suitable for Long-Running Projects

Constructing a building does not mean it will be completed overnight. As a result, temporary roofing scaffold hire emerges as the ideal solution for these long-running projects. Carrying out a project could take months or even years, thereby installing roof scaffolding structures will help the workers complete their work on time.

Some other benefits of temporary roof scaffolding include the following:

  • They can be tailored exactly to your project’s needs and requirements.
  • Reduce the risk of expensive repairs by protecting your work from severe weather conditions.
  • Can be installed according to the building’s design, shape and features.
  • Can be used as a cover for outdoor events such as festivals, concerts and weddings.

Ox Scaffold: Ensuring Your Project is Completed on Time

One of the most frustrating things for a manager could be a project that runs over schedule. To make sure your project finishes on time without any obstacles or hindrances, hire Ox Scaffold. We are a reputable and reliable company that ensures your project will run seamlessly and smoothly.

Scaffolding, Based on Your Needs and Requirements

If pre-built scaffolding does not match your project’s design and needs, it could be a problem.

At Ox Scaffold, we recognise that every project is distinct and has particular requirements. Our expert team will erect a scaffold tailored to your project’s needs and requirements. 

We Only Use High-Quality Equipment

We only use premium quality material for your scaffolding. Our team of experts will put it up efficiently and safely, ensuring a strong, durable platform for workers to work.

Design service available

First aid trained supervisors and management

Multiple teams of scaffolders

CITB trained and experienced staff

Resources for large commercial projects

Why Should You Hire Our Services?

  • Our team will offer excellent safety when erecting scaffolding for you.
  • We are skilled in designing roof scaffolding structures that easily support machinery, personnel and other construction materials.
  • No matter the size and height of the building, our team can easily access difficult-to-reach places.

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