Commercial Scaffolding Hire

Commercial scaffolding is an essential component of many construction and renovation projects. It provides a temporary structure that lets workers safely reach and work at different heights and angles. But if you are into construction projects and want scaffolding services, you should go for highly reliable commercial scaffolding for this job.

Commercial Scaffolding Services

At Ox Scaffold Ltd, we specialise in crafting top-notch scaffolding suitable for all types of projects. Our team of experienced and skilled scaffolders ensures that work is executed to the highest standards, guaranteeing superior quality output.

As a one-stop solution for scaffolding, we simplify the project for our clients and maximise efficiency, ultimately saving them valuable time and money. We have earned recognition for our credibility within the industry, winning the prestigious Oxfordshire’s Scaffold Company of the Year award.

Our commitment to maintaining high standards is evident in every stage of the project, from quotation to the delivery of work. We hold advanced CHAS accreditation and work with a team of professional designers, engineers, and workers.

Commercial Scaffolding Services

Why Hiring Commercial Scaffolding Specialists?

There are numerous benefits of hiring specialist scaffolders for your construction projects.

  • Safety: Safety is the top priority in any construction project. Hire our team to ensure our expert engineers design a secure and stable working platform that prioritises safety and eliminates the risk of accidents, injuries, and fatalities.
  • Efficiency: Our commercial scaffolding services allow workers to easily access hard-to-reach areas and work at various heights and angles, reducing the time and effort required to complete the job.
  • Customisation: We design and tailor the scaffolding structure to suit the shape and size of your building. We make it adjustable to reach different heights and angles, making it a flexible solution for various construction projects.
  • Higher Quality, Lesser Risk: At our company, we always use the best materials and equipment to prioritise safety, minimise risks, and ensure the project’s success.
  • Easy Dismantlement: Once the construction is completed, we also offer easy dismantling services. It helps minimise disruption and reduce the risk of accidents.
Design service available

First aid trained supervisors and management

Multiple teams of scaffolders

CITB trained and experienced staff

Resources for large commercial projects

The Unique Benefits of Our Scaffolding Services

  • We provide a design service that ensures the scaffolding is expertly designed to meet the distinct needs of your project. Our commercial scaffolding hire guarantees that the scaffold structure will be safe, stable, and meets industry standards.
  • We have multiple teams of scaffolders who are experienced and CITB trained, which means they have undergone rigorous training and have the necessary skills and knowledge to provide safe and efficient scaffolding services.
  • Our company also has the resources and labour to undertake large commercial projects. We ensure that the project is finished in time and within budget.
  • Our first-aid-trained supervisors and management can quickly respond to any accidents or injuries on the worksite. Our team can provide immediate first aid support to workers, reducing the risk of further injuries and ensuring that workers receive prompt medical attention.
Commercial Scaffolding Services

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Working at heights during a renovation or construction project requires scaffolding to ensure the safety of workers and protect the property. Ox Scaffold Ltd recognises the vital role of scaffolding in ensuring property protection and workers’ safety at the worksite. We offer tailored scaffolding solutions to meet the distinct needs of each of our clients. We are determined to provide our clients with safe, reliable, cost-effective commercial scaffolding hire services. Contact us today and let our team of professionals provide you with the best bespoke scaffolding solutions for your project.


You can keep the scaffolding for as long as you require, depending on the specifics of your project and your agreement with the scaffolding company.

You will not have to pay any additional charges for getting the scaffolding removed at the end of your project. The cost of scaffolding removal is typically included in the initial rental fee that you pay to the scaffolding company.

No, it is not recommended for anyone other than a trained and qualified scaffolder to remove or alter the scaffolding.


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