Domestic Scaffolding Hire

When constructing a property or renovating an old one, many safety rules and regulations must be followed to ensure safety. All necessary precautions must be followed on the site to reduce the risk of falls, slips, or instabilities when working on the project.

To tackle such concerns, domestic scaffolding services become necessary so the workers can reach maximum heights without compromising safety. But one thing that is even more important than the scaffolding itself is the contractor company that is actually building it.

Expert, High-Quality Domestic Scaffolding Services

OX Scaffold Ltd are the ideal and trustworthy contractors, building high-quality domestic scaffoldings for years. They have developed the skill set, knowledge, and experience to distinguish themselves over time, and possess the ability to let you complete your project at any height with the scaffolds they make.

Domestic Scaffolding Services

Components We Use in Scaffolding

We at OX Scaffold Ltd use several scaffolding components to ensure the safety and longevity of the scaffolding structure.

  1. Standards or Uprights: Vertical tubes that support the weight of the scaffold.
  2. Ledgers: Horizontal tubes that run parallel to the scaffold surface and connect between standards, which support the scaffold boards.
  3. Transoms: Horizontal tubes adjacent to the standards. They hold standards in place and provide additional board support.
  4. Base Plates: Flat plates that are placed at the bottom of the standards to distribute the load and provide stability.
  5. Couplers: Fittings used to connect various components of the scaffold, such as standards, ledgers, and transoms.
  6. Scaffold Boards: Wooden or metal planks that form the working platform for workers.
  7. Toe Boards: Vertical barriers placed at the platform’s surface to prevent tools or materials from falling off.
  8. Guardrails: Vertical barriers installed along the platform’s edge to prevent the fall of large objects and workers.
  9. Bracing: Diagonal tubes that are used to reinforce the scaffold and provide additional stability.
  10. Ladders: Vertical access points to the scaffold platform.

It is important to note that we may have to use different types of scaffolding components for different projects and their nature. Our expert engineers finalise this, making a custom scaffolding design and using components accordingly for each project.

Design service available

First aid trained supervisors and management

Multiple teams of scaffolders

CITB trained and experienced staff

Resources for large commercial projects

Why Our Expert Domestic Scaffolding Hire?

There is a significant difference between the scaffolding services of experts and a contractor who is just starting with it. The following are a few reasons for choosing our team of expert scaffolders.


Our domestic scaffolding hire offers customisation and flexibility to suit your needs. You can hire our workforce to set up any type of infrastructure for your bespoke project. We’re happy to accommodate your needs, ensuring you receive what you need for a safe and efficient project.

Quick and Efficient:

As soon as you sign the contract, we deploy and install our scaffolds without delay. We understand the importance of time and aim to set up scaffolding quickly so your project progresses smoothly and is on schedule.

Safety First:

Safety is our paramount priority in construction projects. We take all the necessary measures using high-quality equipment and construction materials to prevent accidents, protect workers and people around the site, and ensure timely completion.

Competitive Prices:

We design our workflow to be cost-effective; we owe everything required for the construction and outsource nothing. This way, our clients benefit from affordable, high-quality services that meet their needs.

Complete Services:

We offer all-round scaffolding services to ensure your property receives the necessary renovation and other construction work. Our skilled team erects the durable structures you need.

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Scaffolding plays a crucial role in the safety of your renovation or construction project, especially if the workers have to work on heights. Moreover, we understand all the tactics to minimise the construction cost without compromising the structure’s durability; you can get the best affordable domestic scaffolding with us.

OX Scaffold Ltd has an expert team and well-trained engineers, workers, and machine operators to complete the scaffolding project. We follow all the safety rules and regulations to prioritise safety and property protection while working on the site. Contact us today to get tailored scaffolding solutions and expert assistance.


Scaffolding in the house refers to the temporary structure erected around a house or building during construction or renovation to provide a safe working platform for workers while they access higher levels of the building.

The engineers use different types of tags to represent the state of scaffolding structure. If there is a green tag for the structure, it’s ready to use. On the other hand, red tag is used to stipulate incomplete or unsafe scaffolds.

There is no specific duration for scaffolding. But, in general, scaffolding should be dismantled as soon as it is no longer needed to ensure safety and prevent damage to the structure.


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