Events Scaffolding Hire

Events Scaffolding Hire for a Better Experience

Scaffolding has become an integral part of outdoor events like concerts, award shows and even sports. It is capable of enormously increasing the seating capacity of a stadium or an event venue. Events scaffolders not only provide services to increase the seating capacity, but they also help in erecting film and drama sets, towers for lights and cameras, and stage scaffolding.

However, events generally require extensive and complicated scaffolding structures to accommodate all the requirements, which is why you will need experienced scaffolding services to make sure that the structure is up to the safety standards.

Ox Scaffold are highly experienced event scaffolding experts that have been providing their technical services to the entertainment industry for several years. Our expert team has a record of erecting perfectly safe structures, following all the safety measures required. This is why we have won many prestigious awards over the years.

Events Scaffolding Hire

Hire Experts to Make Your Structure Safe

Technical event scaffolding has become extremely popular over the years because it offers a durable structure which can be erected and dismantled in a very short amount of time. After all, you need to clear the venue immediately after the event.

However, complex scaffolding structures for events require speed and accuracy at the same time. You need highly expert event scaffolders who are fully capable of handling a project of this magnitude and can provide strong and reliable structures without compromising on the safety protocols.

A poorly erected scaffold, especially for seating purposes, can quickly turn into a hazard because it can collapse under the immense weight of people and equipment.

Design service available

First aid trained supervisors and management

Multiple teams of scaffolders

CITB trained and experienced staff

Resources for large commercial projects

Our Premium Scaffolding Services

Commercial Scaffolding

Commercial scaffolding is usually carried out on a public building where it is important that the building remains functional even during the scaffolding erection. This requires extreme safety measures to make sure there is no safety risk for the workers and the general public as well.

We have successfully carried out many commercial projects including banks, schools and colleges. Our workers are trained to follow all the safety protocols and create an ideal working environment throughout the site.

Domestic Scaffolding

Domestic scaffolding is used to help in tasks such as renovation, repair and loft conversion projects. Our team has attained years of experience in domestic scaffolding, offering secure scaffolds for all projects.

Events Scaffolding

Ox Scaffold has gained a lot of experience and reputation in providing scaffolding solutions to the entertainment industry for events as well as production sets. Our creative team is capable of working closely with the production team to provide the required structure.

Temporary Roofs

Temporary roofs are required where the sensitive materials of any refurbishment or renovation work need to be protected from the weather. We, at OX Scaffold, use keder sheets, corrugate sheets or aluminium cladding sheets to provide temporary roofs that can span up to 40m in length.

What Distinguishes Us from Others

Our Experience

Ox Scaffold is providing specialised scaffolding services for years. Our experienced and qualified team is capable of working under any conditions and on any project of any size. Our quality of work and reliability have made us a highly renowned scaffolding service.

Safety Standards

We maintain high standards for health and safety to prevent any potential hazards during work. Our safety policies remain under constant and strict review by a team of professionals. We also brief our team on the safety procedures specifically for every project before the commencement of the project.

Award Winners

Ox Scaffold is providing quality scaffolding services to its clients for years. We work on every project with safety being our top concern. This is why we have proudly received many prestigious awards over the years for our quality and adherence to work and safety standards.

Positive Reviews

Our experienced team of scaffolders undertakes every project with utmost professionalism, embracing a large pool of satisfied clients as a result.

Events Scaffolding Hire

Ox Scaffold for Events Scaffolding Hire

  • Years of experience in the scaffolding industry.
  • Highly renowned and award-winning company.
  • Providing all kinds of scaffolding services, including domestic, commercial and events scaffolding.
  • Keep a constant check on health and safety policies.
  • Offer highly affordable prices for top-notch and reliable services.

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