Scaffolding Hire in Oxfordshire

During construction, getting safe access to high-rise buildings can be extremely difficult. However, with scaffolding, work at greater heights has become relatively easier.

Ox Scaffold provides all types and sizes of scaffolds for commercial and domestic projects.  No matter the project, Scaffolding hire Oxfordshire can erect it for you at prices that are hard to beat.

Understanding Scaffolding in Construction

Scaffolding, or staging, is a temporary stable platform that builders use while constructing high-rise buildings or repairing and renovating bridges, buildings, and other structures.

Here are the most common uses of scaffolding:

Repainting and Cleaning: Skyrise buildings and infrastructures are often cleaned and repainted by workers using scaffolding.

Industrial Inspection: Inspectors use scaffolding to perform visual inspection or NDT testing of hard-to-reach and restricted areas.

Scaffolding is also erected inside massive pressure vessels or industrial boilers. Regardless of the kind of inspection, external or internal, the purpose remains the same, which is to easily and safely stand at a height and conduct an inspection.

Repair and Maintenance: After the detailed inspection, areas requiring repair or maintenance are determined. To repair affected areas, workers again use scaffolding to perform the required work.

Some other uses include the following:

  • Concert stages and grandstands seating
  • Art installation
  • Exhibition stands
  • Observation towers
  • Shoring or ski ramps
Scaffolding Hire in Oxfordshire

Commercial Scaffolding Requirements

Our scaffolding builders in Oxfordshire have completed numerous commercial projects. They have erected scaffolds for businesses and organisations, including small to large commercial premises. Before and during work, we perform regular checks and inspections to ensure the safety of the public and our employees. Though most of our commercial projects are located in busier areas, our team constantly strives to design and erect the scaffolding in a way that does not cause any disruption. They also supply and install safety signages, hoarding or fences where necessary. Moreover, if you want us for a project that needs to be completed within a restricted timeframe, fret not; we provide end-to-end scaffolding service in Oxfordshire, ensuring that the job gets done according to the schedule.

Fulfilling Your Residential Scaffolding Needs

Ox Scaffold has dealt with a wide range of residential clientele and has offered several scaffolding solutions to roofers, local builders, and homeowners. Our services are completely bespoke; we understand that many homeowners face issues regarding their projects. Therefore, our team will provide expert advice and onsite consultation while planning construction according to your need and requirements. Our residential scaffolding hire Oxfordshire includes:
• Planning and development of your project (if needed).
• Calculation and drawings of the layout.
• Fitting scaffolding.
• Fencing (if required).

Design service available

First aid trained supervisors and management

Multiple teams of scaffolders

CITB trained and experienced staff

Resources for large commercial projects

Hosting an Event and Need Scaffolding?

Besides commercial and residential scaffolding, our scaffolding hire contractors in Oxfordshire provide scaffolding solutions for the media industry.

Whether you need staging, staircases, catwalks or commentary boxes, we are experts in designing scaffolding that is a bit different

Types of Scaffolding

As a leading scaffolding hire company in Oxfordshire, we provide several types of scaffolding depending on the project:

  • Single scaffolding
  • Double scaffolding
  • Cantilever scaffolding
  • Suspended scaffolding
  • Steel scaffolding
  • Trestle scaffolding
  • Wooden and bamboo scaffolding

Benefits of Scaffolding in Construction

Scaffolding allows builders to access high-rise buildings for masonry, painting, repairing, concreting or welding. Other than that, it provides several benefits, which may include the following:

Better Work Safety

Construction sites are full of risks and dangers. That is why our builders take several safety measures to prevent injury, such as using the right equipment and making sturdy and robust scaffolding structures.

Ox Scaffold provides reliable scaffolding service in Oxfordshire, making sure the structure is safe and strong to help keep their workers safe.

Easily Assembled

Many construction projects, especially commercial ones, are a race against time. Any minor issue, such as insufficient material, limited manpower, or delay in scaffolding, can be a hindrance to the project.

No matter the size of the project, our professional scaffolding hire in Oxfordshire ensures the least amount of time taken to assemble and disassemble scaffolds and meet construction deadlines.


Scaffolding is made from ready materials such as wood, aluminium, or steel. Steel scaffoldings are the most economical due to their strength and value they give in the long run.

If you need us to complete your project as soon as possible, we recommend steel scaffoldings as they will minimise your costs for repair and maintenance.


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