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Scaffolding, also referred to as staging, is built using metal poles, tubes and timber planks to provide a three-dimensional support platform that allows the workers to stand and work on heights during a construction project. Scaffolding is also used to construct a strong and time-efficient platform to extend the seating capacity of an entertainment or sports event venue temporarily.

We are the leading scaffolding hire contractors in Gloucestershire. Our vast and specialised experience in the scaffolding industry distinguishes us from others in safety standards and workmanship quality. Regardless of the scale and the magnitude of the project, we offer our services in the following realms:

Scaffolding Hire Gloucestershire

The Services We Provide

Commercial Scaffolding

When carrying out commercial scaffolding, it is usually important that the rest of the building remains functional because commercial buildings are generally public buildings. In order to do that, extensive safety measures must be undertaken so that the ongoing work does not pose any safety threat to both the general public and the workers.

Ox Scaffold Ltd has completed numerous commercial scaffolding projects which include many banks, schools and colleges. Our skilled staff is fully trained to follow all the safety protocols to maintain the ideal environment for work.

Domestic Scaffolding

Domestic scaffolding is erected for extension, renovation, repairs and loft conversion projects. They are usually smaller in scale as compared to commercial projects.

Ox Scaffold Ltd is providing the most reliable scaffolding services in Gloucestershire for domestic projects. Our team has gained a lot of experience and performs at a higher level to provide safe scaffold structures for projects.

Events Scaffolding

Scaffolding hire Gloucestershire allows events to be held on a much bigger scale than before by increasing the seating capacity However, scaffolds erected for events are considerably complex and demand precise and high-quality workmanship from expert scaffolders.

We are providing not only events scaffolding services but also entertainment industry services, erecting camera towers, lights and production sets for movies and TV shows. We are one of the most experienced scaffolding builders Gloucestershire has to offer.

Temporary Roofs

Temporary roofs are used to protect any weather-sensitive material used in construction. We provide temporary roofs for any kind of domestic or commercial project and event. We use corrugated, aluminium and keder sheets that can span up to 40 meters to serve as temporary roofs.

We Leave Nothing to Chance

Scaffold structures are very complicated because they are assembled using a lot of smaller components. That is why they require highly precise and expert installation to assure safety. At Ox Scaffold Ltd, our team carries out all the projects with ultimate precision to make sure that the structure is safe. They follow a pre-designed construction plan to make sure all the structural components are placed and joined perfectly.

Some major components of a scaffold are:

  • Standards: The vertical components of the structure, they are embedded in the ground or a supporting surface to hold the structure in place.
  • Ledgers: Horizontal components fixed end to end with two standards to provide a horizontal support platform.
  • Braces: Tied diagonally with the standards to provide additional support and prevent any bending movement.
  • Putlogs: These are used to connect the wall with the scaffold. They provide safe and firm horizontal support to the structure.
  • Transoms: Used to provide support to the standards and hold them in position. They are also used to provide support to the ledgers.
  • Boards: Provide a horizontal workable platform on the ledgers. They can be made of timber, steel or aluminium.
  • Couplers or fittings: These are used to hold the structures together. They are made of steel to provide durability and strength. They are often galvanized to prevent rust and corrosion.
Design service available

First aid trained supervisors and management

Multiple teams of scaffolders

CITB trained and experienced staff

Resources for large commercial projects

Professional in All that We Do

We are Experts

We are providing specialised services for commercial and domestic scaffolding projects for years. Our team has carried out all kinds of projects and has polished their skills and efficiency exponentially. That is why we have risen to become the leading scaffolding hire company in Gloucestershire.

Our Safety Standards

Scaffolding is work that seeks both precision and quality to ensure safety. Our specialist team follows extensive policies for safely creating a hazard-free environment on the work site. Moreover, a professional safety team keeps an eagle eye on our workers as well as the safety policies set by our organisation.

Award-Winning Company

Ox Scaffold Ltd makes sure to provide supreme services to all customers. Our skilled team has maintained our reputation throughout the years by providing end-to-end scaffolding service in Gloucestershire. This is why we have proudly won many corporate awards over the years.


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