Scaffolding Hire in Buckinghamshire

Scaffolding is one of the prime tactics that has been used in construction for centuries to access certain building parts safely and construct or renovate them. The workers can access taller heights, position themselves better, and work safely without the risk of slips or falls with the scaffolding structure.

But you need trustworthy scaffolding hire Buckinghamshire to derive the maximum utility, protection, and peace of mind from the structure. You may contact us and use our reliable scaffolding service in Buckinghamshire; we are a one-stop company fulfilling all your needs.

Top Scaffolding Builders in Buckinghamshire

OX Scaffold Ltd is an ideal company building high-quality scaffolding for all purposes. With our team of experienced and skilled scaffolders, we ensure that work is carried out to the highest standards. We are the one-stop solution for scaffolding, simplifying the project for clients and maximising their efficiency while saving their time and money.

We have been recognised for our credibility within the industry by winning the Oxfordshire’s Scaffold Company of the Year award. You can expect high-standard practices, from quotation to delivery of works, through CHAS-accredited services and a team of professional engineers.

Scaffolding Hire in Buckinghamshire

Types of Scaffolding

Commercial Scaffolding

We use temporary structures to provide safe access and working platforms for commercial building maintenance, construction, and renovation projects. Our expert team makes scaffolding structures so that work can be carried out efficiently and safely without disrupting normal operations. We build commercial scaffolding for several commercial buildings like schools, colleges, and high-street banks where specialised access is required for repair, maintenance, and construction. Our scaffolding hire contractor in Buckinghamshire closely collaborates with the property owner to ensure that all safety measures are considered and that the work is carried out safely and efficiently.

Domestic Scaffolding

Scaffolding is vital for any construction, renovation, or maintenance project that requires working at heights in residential buildings. As the leading scaffolding hire company in Buckinghamshire, to build it, we work closely with property owners to ensure that our scaffolding meets their needs and requirements. The importance of domestic scaffolding cannot be overstated, as it helps ensure the safety of workers and anyone else nearby. And opting for professional scaffolding hire in Buckinghamshire eliminates the risk of such accidents or delays.

Design service available

First aid trained supervisors and management

Multiple teams of scaffolders

CITB trained and experienced staff

Resources for large commercial projects

Scaffolding for Media & Events

Scaffolding for media and events is a specialised type of scaffolding designed to meet the unique needs of the television and event production industry. In this scaffolding, we combine technical engineering expertise and creative problem-solving skills to deliver customised solutions for each project.

At OX Scaffold, we have extensive experience providing bespoke scaffolding solutions for the media industry. Unlike traditional construction or domestic scaffolding, event scaffolding demands a higher level of expertise and creativity to ensure that the structure provides a safe working platform and enhances the visual appeal of the event.

Therefore, we offer a complete scaffolding contract service, from the initial inquiry to the completion of the project. We provide designing and engineering solutions for event structures, along with inspection services to ensure the scaffolding remains safe and secure throughout the event.

Temporary Roofs

Temporary roofs are a crucial feature for any construction or refurbishment project that requires materials protection against external factors such as weather. These roofs span a significant distance of up to 40 metres and can be installed using a crane or rolling system to facilitate phased work and reduce hire costs.

OX Scaffold offers temporary roofing scaffolds made of keder sheets, corrugated iron, or aluminium cladding sheets. We use shrink wrapping for roofs with irregular shapes to provide a neat and perfect finish and the best end-to-end scaffolding service in Buckinghamshire.

Our experienced scaffolders are well-equipped to install temporary roofs quickly and efficiently. We use high-quality materials and techniques to ensure the roof is durable and secure. Contact us for comprehensive service, from initial planning and design to installation and maintenance.

Call Professionals that Meet Your Scaffolding Needs

Scaffolding is an essential aspect of any renovation or construction project that involves working at heights. At OX Scaffold Ltd, we prioritise safety and property protection while working on the site.

Our goal is to provide tailored scaffolding solutions that meet the unique requirements of our clients. Contact us today for expert assistance and tailored scaffolding solutions that meet your unique needs. We are committed to providing safe, reliable, and cost-effective scaffolding services.


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