Commercial Scaffolding Hire Gloucestershire

Unlike domestic projects, commercial projects are massive and demand access to additional height and enhanced safety; for this commercial scaffolding Gloucestershire are the best option for constructing these lofty projects, such as corporate offices, industrial chimneys, and skyscrapers.

At times, commercial scaffoldings in Gloucestershire are needed for indoor tasks for repairing, painting, wiring, etc. These scaffolds are constructed taller and need more skilled scaffolders to assemble them. Ox Scaffold constructs these kind of commercial scaffoldings and helps you complete your project of any nature.

Commercial Scaffolding Gloucestershire

Build Your Commercial Projects Safely with Ox Scaffold

Building high-rise commercial projects is challenging as several factors are under consideration:

  • access to the required height
  • the need of carrying material at height
  • worker’s safety
  • strength of the scaffolding
  • availability of professional scaffolders
  • type of scaffolding needed to complete a project swiftly

At Ox Scaffold, we house a well-equipped team of trained, certified professional scaffolders to help you safely finish your commercial project. As a one-stop solution, we offer end-to-end commercial scaffolding services in Gloucestershire, erecting the scaffold that matches your project while keeping all the above factors in mind.

We Assist You?

  • Working at a considerable height is full of risks. Our commercial scaffolding specialists in Gloucestershire erect scaffolds with a durable framework, guaranteeing optimal safety for the workers.
  • Our commercial scaffoldings can be manoeuvred to any size or shape of the building, significantly reducing construction timespan.
  • The scaffolding enables builders to access hard-to-reach parts of building, creating customised platforms with no design limitations.
Design service available

First aid trained supervisors and management

Multiple teams of scaffolders

CITB trained and experienced staff

Resources for large commercial projects

Scaffolding for Commercial Projects

Ox Scaffold offers a diverse range of scaffoldings to help you finish each project safely and efficiently.

Single Scaffolding

Also referred to as brick layer’s scaffolding, single scaffolding is primarily used by masons for making walls. It comprises ledgers and putlogs that lie parallel to the wall at a distance of 1.2m.

Double Scaffolding

Also called mason’s scaffolding, it is highly suitable for stone masonry. As it is difficult to make holes in stone walls, two parallel rows of scaffoldings are erected at 20 to 30 cm and 1.2 to 1.5m away from the wall respectively. Later on, putlogs are adjusted to support the framework. It is also known as independent scaffolding.

Suspended Scaffolding

This commercial scaffolding in Gloucestershire hangs from the roof with the help of a rope or chain; they are mainly used for painting, repair works, etc.

Mast Scaffoldings

Mast climbers are a type of scaffolding that can be adjusted in small increments to support construction work at various heights. They are ideal for work on brick or block walls and for projects with little ground space.

Unlike suspended scaffolding, they rely on fixed mast structures and a powerful drive unit for up and down movement. Guardrails must be included for fall protection. Mast climbers are a safe and efficient option for working at heights, and can carry heavy loads.

Trestle Scaffolding

Commonly used for working inside a room, it is a movable scaffolding supported on tripods. It is used for painting and repair works at a height of 5m.

Apart from these commercial scaffoldings, our professional scaffolders assemble scaffoldings for domestic and media sectors to complete houses or arrange events.

Why OX Scaffold?

Award-Winning Company: Since its beginning, Ox Scaffold has proven its worth and has been winning the Company of the Year award for the last three years since 2020.

We are Recognised: Due to our tradition of coping with the standards, our commercial scaffolding services in Gloucestershire have been recognised by Oxfordshire Prestige Awards.

Certified Services: Ox Scaffold holds CHAS accreditation, and therefore, when it comes to commercial scaffolding hire in Gloucestershire, we provide quality services that live up to the highest of standards.

Well-Trained Staff: Our staff is well-equipped, well-trained and holds CIBT training, which reflects their professionalism.

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